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Off the Record: Clarifying Sources and A Personal Message for my Loyal Readers

I wanted to just give some quick information, because I am being libeled and harrassed on Facebook as well as other places on the internet due to false information that is being thrown around. I have added this to my … Continue reading

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Appellate Writ Denied, Gilbert Filing New Lawsuit, Track Record Unimpressive

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” Albert Einstein The Writ of Mandamus filed by Richard Gilbert on behalf of the national delegates has been denied. The Appellate Court in the 9th circuit handed … Continue reading

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Third Party Ron Paul Delegate Lawsuit Dismissed With Prejudice

  “Losing would be painful, but not as painful as knowing there was something else you could’ve done.” Joe Trippi, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised   The third-party delegate lawsuit, filed by Richard Gilbert in California, has been dismissed … Continue reading

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