Is it Time for a Republican R3VOLution?

“We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects.”

Ron Paul

In light of the election outcome, it’s hard to refrain from the, “I told you so!” attitude toward the Republican party; however, a lot of us have to remember that it wasn’t our local GOP that put that clown Romney up as the nominee. The maneuvering done at the Republican National Convention was not a nationwide effort, though there is corruption at every level.

We need to take this Obama win as a positive thing; this could be the impetus that we needed.

I posted some of my thoughts on Facebook last night as the finalized exit polls were coming in, showing Obama to likely be the winner. I would like to share them with you:

“I am about as far from Democrat as you could imagine; that’s probably fairly obvious. However, I am okay with this Obama win, and I will tell you why.:

Is Obama good for this country? No. I think it’s time to buckle up, folks, because we will continue to go down, and the collapse is coming; probably sooner than the analysts are predicting. Maybe that’s a good thing…we may get someone to understand that empires that practice nation-building and play the bully are doomed to fail. Will my family survive the collapse? We’re poor already. I don’t know. But we will damn sure try.

What happens if Romney wins? We are lost. It is hard to beat an incumbent, as history has shown us. The RNC and Romney screwed us in this round. If Obama wins, we have control. We have the opportunity to place a liberty candidate in the POTUS race in 2016 and the opportunity to change those atrocious, fraudulent rule changes that were made at the national convention, and to oust Preibus, who definitely fits the definition of turncoat.

On the election front, either way, we lose. On the liberty movement, we have already won…but we need momentum, and honestly, we will get it from Obama faster than we will get it from Romney. It’s hard for me to admit this and put it into perspective…I bawled my eyes out today because I knew my president was not on that ballot. But I am not one to lie down and take it, and I hope that you aren’t either. Take an Obama win, if that’s the case, in stride, and use it to your advantage to move the cause of liberty forward…because if he messes things up as bad as he has the last four years, the idiots will have no other option than to vote the opposite direction in 2016. It’s lose-lose as it is, we need to turn it into win-win for the liberty movement.”

Here’s the deal: the GOP shot themselves in the foot…we know this. We told them that they could not win without us, and it was pretty obvious in some states. In my state of Iowa, the numbers for Obama weren’t surging because people were hopping over to the Democrats; Romney did not get the numbers because even strong conservatives were voting for Ron Paul on that write- in line.

I truly believe that Romney’s only purpose in this whole thing was to discredit the liberty movement and to lose to Obama. He should know all about the latter…he has lost before.

We cannot let this stop us from moving forward. This is an excellent opportunity for us to start swaying people to our side. You still have a lot of disgruntled Democrats out there that only voted party lines because they felt that their choices were limited. You have the Libertarians that have beliefs that line up with what we want to achieve and realize that third-party is just not viable right now. You have folks like myself, the paleoconservatives, who are fed up and ready to start purging the GOP. You have social conservatives,( who may have initially been Santorum supporters), that won’t vote for a pro-choice candidate but believe in personal liberty and fiscal responsibility.

There are so many folks involved, and we cannot isolate them by forming factions. Our movement was fractured, but it was a temporary setback. Leave it behind you, and let’s get down to business.

It’s not just about elections. There is so much more to this: we need to talk to people, reach people, make them understand what is happening to their freedoms. Americans as a whole are much too complacent; the entitlement society has given us a nation of programmed automatons. I always thought it was silly how some Ron Paul people used the Matrix as an analogy, but now, I get it. We really do need to wake these people up…but to do that, we need those who are willing to work to make a difference, rather than standing idly by and hoping that they’ll get it.

It’s up to you to make them understand.

The next four years are going to be hellish. We know this. You have to be strong and move forward. And, as much as some of you don’t like to admit it, third-party is not the way to go. It does not work; it has not worked for decades. We have to go about this from one of the two established parties, and I really do believe that the GOP is the way to do it. In order for that to happen, there needs to be change.

Will the GOP implode? I don’t know. It’s pretty bad; and I think that even some of the neoconservatives are feeling betrayed by their own party. We are in a good position to make positive changes and to weed out those who are a liability. Is it time for a Republican R3VOLution? I believe so. Romney’s horrible posturing and performance in this election gave us the perfect opportunity to jump in with both feet. Let’s do it.

Now that the election is over, it is imperative that we close our ranks and stop the infighting. It’s time to stop acting like bullies on the playground, and get down to business.

We have a country to save, and to do that, we need to unite, now more than ever.

 “Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit.”

Abbie Hoffman

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7 Responses to Is it Time for a Republican R3VOLution?

  1. tarawa1943 says:

    Romney was too much like aka:Husseinobama,

  2. I’m willing to try almost anything.

  3. PeoplePower says:

    The two party system is a falacy, an illusion. It’s time for the American Citizens to unite and have a Constitutional Revolution

  4. Thank you for another well-crafted and inspiring essay, Angie, though I no longer share your optimism regarding national politics. While it is a hard pill (red one) to swallow, it is important to take it and wake-up to the reality that our federal government and our political parties are run by criminals, for criminals; thus, it will be nearly impossible to reform them from within–they either convert and co-opt otherwise good people or they get rid of them. If one wishes to be involved in government, a focus on attaining state-level offices and on spreading the word about the tenth amendment, nullification, and Constitutional sheriffs seems most likely to meet with any sort of success, i.e. increased liberty. It seems we also need to wake up to the other reality, which is that broad-scale, moral, peaceful resistance to every sort of oppression, even if it means great individual hardship, is the only way out of this mess. Thanks again for you good work! Gretchen

  5. Terri Thomas says:

    I read your post right after POTUS was announced. It not only made me feel better, but also a few of my friends. Thank you, Angie!

    • You are welcome! Thanks for reading! It’s nice to have the former lawsuit crowd over here actually reading my stuff instead of slamming it. LOL We need to keep our heads up and start energizing and educating people now for 2016

  6. William Carpenter says:

    The banks would have won either way, it was the American people that lost in this election


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