Plurality Acheived but Blocked by the Cheating GOP

I am not going to write a long post, but we just got confirmation from the floor that six states have turned in nomination papers for Ron Paul. This is after buses for Virginia and Iowa were over an hour late.

Please watch my video appeal to delegates:

Save Face? Or Save America?

Watch the convention live on C-Span

Rolling Roll Call is scheduled for 5:20 EST.


The states that nominated Paul were not counted. The GOP completely disenfranchised six states at the National Convention and passed rules despite an overwhelming division. I will blog more later, but right now I am so angry that I can’t form the right words.

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12 Responses to Plurality Acheived but Blocked by the Cheating GOP

  1. Clint says:

    I believe Ron Paul has some good ideas, and I believe he can be a very effective member of the Republican Party. However, the fact is even with six states, he will not carry the nomination. The primary season is over and the battle for our country is about to begin. We need Paul and his supporters to get behind Romney and take Obama out of office before he does more damage!

  2. Emily says:

    NEVER! Paul supporters will NEVER support Romney. End of story. No deal. Four more years of Obama, fine. Maybe the Republican party will learn how to play by their own rules and stop cheating! After this mess, they can all burn in hell!!! Gary Johnson 2012!

  3. RobinFL says:

    “If I can’t play the game MY way, I’ll just take my ball and go home!!”– disenfranchised Ron Paul supporter, who’d rather inflict four more years of Obama on America than see a “compromise candidate” get the Republican nomination.

  4. Larry Seiter says:

    We had the only honest, full of morale character candidate in the race! Romney supporters should have “compromised” and rallied behind the only Conservative available. The only man that could save our economy and end these wars. It was all laid out at your feet…..and you missed the boat. You Republican “party line” voters for the establishment selection have no one to blame but yourselves. Your establishment selected, “compromise candidate” did get the nomination, and had he done it fairly, some of us may have got in line behind him. I feel fairly confident when I say that no disenfranchised Paul supporter, would even consider supporting the GOP candidate. ALL Americans should have red flags popping up after what transpired in the GOP these last several months. The election process in this country is defunct, and needs to be fixed…….

    • The problem is that all Americans, including a lot of Romney delegates that were there yesterday, do not take the time to educate themselves on the process and how conventions work. I bet half of those Romney people didn’t realize that Boehner passed and tabled an illegal resolution yesterday. Part of the Rules Committee was not seated. Therefore, all members were not present.

  5. Danielle Spence-Tidd says:

    I have never been one to vote along party lines. I’m pro-choice to boot. That said, I registered as a Republican specifically so I could vote for Ron Paul during the primary. Why? Because out of EVERYONE running, Ron Paul was easily the BEST choice for our country, no matter that I didn’t agree with him on the abortion plank. It is obvious that he cares for our citizens and getting our country back on track by taking us back to the basics as specified by the Constitution. He hasn’t compromised his beliefs & principles in order to try to win votes, no empty promises so often spouted by those seeking office.
    Ron Paul inspired me to become active in politics. I’d never donated to a political candidate before, but I did to Dr. Paul’s campaign. It wasn’t enough to just donate monetarily to his cause; I needed to become involved to try to help his voice… our voice to be heard in spite of the media’s blackout on his viability as a candidate. I became a delegate (another first for me), participating in grassroot coordination events (another first), and attending our district and state GOP conventions (more firsts), despite working multiple jobs, being a mom to 3 kids, volunteering, being in the midst of becoming an approved foster parent (kiddo #3), starting back to school and planning a wedding.
    I can only shake my head in disgust at the GOP. Perhaps if they had played by the rules at the state level (I was there when they displayed their incompetence with running the convention, ignored the rules, and disregarded the majority numerous times, subsequently walling off 1/3 of the delegates and turning off the lights on all of us while the convention was still in progress) and national level, I could respect the establishment. But no. They horribly abused their power, lying and cheating in order to make sure their candidate secured the nomination. Now when I think about the two main candidates for this upcoming election, I feel sick to my stomach.
    Never before has voting for the lesser of two evils been so discouraging. It reminds me of The Simpsons’ episode in which the two aliens are running for POTUS. They both campaigned on the exact same platform, just worded slightly different. Either way, it still spelled doom for The Simpsons & other Americans. They even taunted citizens to throw away their votes by voting for a third party. Sound familiar? That’s what we’re faced with now in real life.
    No write-ins allowed here or I’d without hesitation write in Dr. Paul’s name. Regardless, neither Mitt nor Obama will be getting my vote. It would be *wonderful* to somehow send a message to candidates that we no longer have to vote for the lesser of the evils, but rather the best candidate. I wonder how hard it would be to get “none of the above” added as a default entry on all Oklahoma ballots?

  6. Danielle Spence-Tidd says:

    btw it’s “achieved” (I before E, except after C)

  7. Andrey says:

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