Republican National Committee Denies Duly Elected Maine Delegates



“All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression.”

Thomas Jefferson

The Credentials Committee has overturned Maine‘s elected delegation to the Republican National Convention.

This comes as no surprise, as we have seen the Republican National Committee repeatedly disenfranchise voters by ousting delegates chosen at several state conventions. Maine’s situation shows the blatant attempts to alienate those who are in support of Ron Paul.

The following information was gathered from a live Twitter report:

The attorney for the GOP argued that the Maine convention was, “so flawed that the results were invalid.” The GOP also cited a lack of quorum and rule breaking as the reason for contesting the delegation. They claimed that the election of delegates was done in an illegal manner and that there was a “total inability to determine whether quorum existed due to credentialing breakdown.”

Maine’s Appellate Counsel argued that there were 2790 delegates and not one complaint at the convention. There were no instances of foul play. They concluded that the original delegation should be seated.

“The original Maine delegation should be seated. A committee of 9 cannot undo the will of 2000 Maine delegates,” said the representative for the Maine Appellate Counsel.”Although you may not like who beat you in an election, that is why you have elections – you should not be able to appeal to a few…”

The Ron Paul counsel also made remarks. They rebutted that Rule 17 was the proper procedure for filling vacancies, and that the remaining delegates should choose who fills those vacancies in accordance with the rules. “The contrary view being given to you by opposing counsel – is that the RNC gets to select the new delegates,” said the Ron Paul counsel.

“This contest is not about Ron Paul, it is about our young people who are being unseated by the Republican National Committee.”

An amendment was proposed to seat the rest of the Maine delegates. Drew Ivers, delegate chairman from Iowa, spoke in favor of the amendment and pointed out that Maine’s governor was elected in the same manner as the delegates.

A delegate from VA also spoke in favor, saying that the woman who ran the Maine credentialing was just now disputing it. He also said that the RNC would be disenfranchising voters.

A Maine delegate spoke as well. He said that Maine overwhelming supports Dr. Paul and that 13 of 16 counties wanted the current delegation seated. He received copious amounts of applause from the guest section.

The amendment failed.

A new amendment was brought to the floor, allowing the remaining delegates to choose who would fill the vacancies. Ivers spoke in favor of the amendment.  A VA delegate spoke in favor as well. “This is a great opportunity to allow the RNC to push the power back to bottom,” the VA delegate said.

No one spoke in opposition, yet it failed, 83 to 12.

Despite support from other states , the establishment prevailed over Maine. The state received five delegates from the original election, and a 9 person committee from the RNC will choose who fills the vacant seats.

Liberty was not served in Tampa today. Oklahoma and Oregon are still to be argued. The GOP are putting themselves in a bad position by setting a terrible precedent…when did it become okay to overturn the will of those who elect their delegates at state conventions?

Governor Paul Le Page stated that he would not attend the Republican National Convention if the elected delegates were not seated.

“We have a right, also, in various ways, to act upon our unfavorable opinion of anyone, not to the oppression of his individuality, but in the exercise of ours.”

John Stuart Mill


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6 Responses to Republican National Committee Denies Duly Elected Maine Delegates

  1. These dirty bastards are making it VERY clear that they will not allow the will of the people to be heard by something as simple as “voting”. It is their way or no way.

  2. Cheating is the only word that fits what the RNC is doing. I will never vote for Romney because he’s a liberal. Things like this only drive me further away from the GOP

  3. Joy says:

    Is this not voter fraud, or tampering with a Federal election, and subject to criminal prosecution? If not, I’d like to know why not, because that’s exactly what it appears to be to me. Both “parties” need to be abolished; they both play these same sort of underhanded and dishonest tricks…

  4. Don Folkers says:

    What is the point in pouring out one’s heart for the cause of Liberty — only to have Establishment power brokers STEAL the victory?

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