Parking Lot Patriots Kicked to the Curb by the Republican National Committee



“The oppression of any people for opinion’s sake has rarely had any other effect than to fix those opinions deeper, and render them more important.” Hosea Ballou

The courageous delegation of Ron Paul supporters from Oklahoma have lost their appeal to be seated at the Republican National Convention.

Despite video evidence of fraud, bad credentialing and an improper vote without roll call at the state convention, the Credentials Committee has ruled against Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma delegation are the brave souls that continued the improperly adjourned convention in the parking lot at the Embassy Suites in Oklahoma, after convention officials started putting up partitions that closed off part of the delegation from voting. Several hundred delegates attended the “rump convention” , citing improper procedure, inaccurate voting, and incorrect credentialing at the convention inside. They maintain that they continued the convention according to Republican rules.

The convention was live-streamed and watched by thousands of Paul supporters across the world. Americans donated to deliver pizza to those still in the parking lot via a Chip In Pizza Bomb. Local media also came to cover the rump convention. (I called a news station in Norman that night; they were being overwhelmed with callers requesting their presence at the Embassy Suites parking lot.)

Here is a video showing some of what was going on inside. One third of the delegation was shut off from view of the chair when a standing vote was called to adjourn. One delegate was actually assaulted by a Mitt Romney supporter.

OK GOP Breaking Rules at State Convention

Here is a video from the rump convention (1 of 10 that can be viewed):

OK Parking Lot Convention

“I’m amazed at the level of composure, civility, and organization among these people in the parking lot,” said an observer.

This was another bad decision on the part of the Republican National Committee.ย  Those who watched the live stream of both conventions (or the continued convention, respectfully) saw the major differences in the way that they were handled. The “parking lot convention” was much more professional and to the letter of the Oklahoma GOP rules. The inside convention, however, was a farce.

The decisions today by the Credentials Committee are a blatant attempt to remove any Ron Paul delegates from influence on the convention floor. It seems that those who follow the rules are the ones that are being penalized. Maine also lost all but five delegates today, and their governor insists that the convention rules were followed.

Romney’s forces are sweeping Ron Paul supporters out the door. If Romney has secured the nomination, what is the GOP so afraid of? Why is the Romney campaign willing to pull out all stops, including fraud, to get rid of Paul supporters? Do they think Paul could win?

What is so wrong with freedom?


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.


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9 Responses to Parking Lot Patriots Kicked to the Curb by the Republican National Committee

  1. Don Folkers says:

    Instead of the one-party system of the old USSR, we have Dictatorship party A vs. Dictatorship Party B. Rule from the top was not in the minds of our founders. (They had just come out from that.) Sign me DISILLUSIONED & DISFRANCHISED

  2. leslymill says:

    Ron Paul should run independent. Illegal is illegal….I am sick of being overrun by crooks.

  3. Ron Willison says:

    The RNC and Romney just keep pounding in the nails on their own coffin. 2012 will be remembered for as the year they killed America..sigh

  4. When anyone is suppressed from expression of speak…that is not FREEDOM!!! Think about this….Take a long hard look in the mirror and tell me that the Maine Convention was legal…Every caucus state was found to be illegally conducted..Maines finding 26 pages of rule breaking.This should not come as a surprise because at convention end they were told this Convention would very likely not even count. The Paul folks had a chance to pick 10 delegates. Response from Paul delegates was all 20 or they are calling fowl..All other states settled for reason..Maine’s Governor stood with the delegates to be seated, but then says, We must support Romney the presumptive nominee..Where is Ron Paul? What did he do to help his delegates to be seated? Just curious?

    • Michelle Martin says:

      Umm – thousands of us watched these conventions live – and it was NOT Ron Paul supporters who broke the rules. The video evidence is there if you care to take the time to have a look. OH WAIT – is that a MR12 I see on your profile? Well, forget I suggested actually seeking out the truth then, we all know you would rather have your decisions made for you so you can sit back and do….nothing.

      The “Paul folks” won EVERY ONE OF THESE SEATS fair and square – and now we watch as they are all STRIPPED. In 5 states and counting. (A little secret for you – to win the delegate slots, they had to get the votes…..the PEOPLE’S VOTES. That should tell you something there – the people who are politically engaged had to actually go to the conventions and VOTE for the delegates – indicative that Ron Paul has more support than anyone would care to admit….I know, it is a tough pill to swallow – that damn truth pill)

      and what do you mean What did Ron Paul Do? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Have you been living under a rock this past year? 1/2 or more of the changes to the GOP Platform are HIS – very politically convenient for the GOP to adopt almost all of his views but exclude him – could it be he was right? and the GOP knows – WE KNOW… About the fed? About the Gold Standard? About the internet freedom? MUST BE, or the GOP wouldn’t be allowing those issues into their precious party platform – they must be trying to appeal to a large voting base with those changes, wonder what voting base that would be? OH – Ron Paul’s voting base. Ron Paul has been fighting for his duly elected delegates – WHO do you think paid for counsel at the committee hearings in Tampa? The Campaign. Stop with the ignorant implications that Ron Paul has not been fighting for this or that he has done nothing or had zero influence in the political world of today – he has been fighting for 30 years. Where were YOU when he started?

      If it were me – I would have said NO COMPROMISE ON ANY OF THE CHALLENGES because I watched as we WON those delegate slots FAIR AND SQUARE – while being assaulted, locked out and cheated – but, because I am not the one who has been in the trenches FIGHTING for 30 years like Ron Paul – it wasn’t UP TO ME – to decide how to handle it.
      But make no mistake: I trust Ron Paul. WE are not going silently into the night as the GOP had hoped – they have poked the sleeping giant –

      We are COMING IN – and taking back OUR PARTY – the party of Ron Paul, Reagan, Jefferson…..the GOP should have left well enough alone – let us have our due wins and welcomed us – NOW? We are more determined than EVER to restore the Republic….we aren’t going anywhere. Deal with it.

    • Michelle Martin says:

      OH, and by “coming in” – I DON’T mean coming into the GOP and unifying behind Romney – we will be IN but there will be NO UNITY this election. While your candidate was out cheating, lying and silencing the voice of the people, we were quietly sowing the seeds of liberty – INSIDE YOUR PARTY – OUR PARTY, we will be there, standing on principles and making sure WE take back the party and return it to its core – good luck beating obama with guy who lost to the guy who lost to Obama. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The next REC meeting you attend? or GOP function in your local area? Look for us….we’ll be there.

    • There wasn’t any problem until Cianchette, a FAILED former candidate for governor, and his cohort Staples, (who should resign) decided to make a stink. Were you at the convention?

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