Denied Elected Delegates, Paul Campaign Files Second Appeal in Louisiana

“People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.”

Otto Von Bismarck

After being denied by the Committee on Contests from the Republican National Committee earlier this month, the Ron Paul campaign has filed a second appeal in Louisiana, determined to see satisfaction for rule breaking at the state convention.

There is some argument between the establishment GOP and the Paul faction over how the convention was conducted.  A few days before the state convention, an affidavit and supplemental rules were distributed to delegates. The delegates chosen to go to the Republican National Convention (Tampa, FL) were required to sign an affidavit as a promise to vote for the candidate that they were bound to via the State Central Committee.

Paul supporters refused to sign. Rather, they felt that the affidavit gave the state executive committee the power to replace delegates who were not allocated.

Charlie Davis, Louisiana chairman of the Ron Paul campaign, insisted that the affidavits and supplemental rules were a violation of RNC rules.  “The affidavit and supplemental rules systemically changed the way that Louisiana elected National Delegates,” said Davis. “Both documents are clear violations of the national requirement that all rule changes  must have been submitted to the RNC last October 1.”

Rule 15, section (c), (2) of the Adopted Rules of the RNC states,:

(2) Only persons eligible to vote
who are deemed as a matter of public record to be
Republicans pursuant to state law or, if voters are not
enrolled by party, by Republican Party rules of a state,
shall participate in any primary election held for the
purpose of electing delegates or alternate delegates to
the national convention or in any Republican caucus,
mass meeting, or mass convention held for the purpose
of selecting delegates to the county, district, or state
conventions, and only such legal and qualified voters shall be elected as delegates to county, district, and state conventions;provided, however, that in addition
to the qualifications provided herein, the applicable
Republican Party rules of a state may prescribe
additional qualifications not inconsistent with law,
which additional qualifications shall be adopted before
October 1 in the year before the year in which the
national convention is to be held and published in at
least one (1) newspaper having a general circulation
throughout the state, such publication to be at least
ninety (90) days before such qualifications become

You can read those rules here: The Rules of the Republican Party

“There’s no way you can argue with a straight face that rules weren’t changed,” said Davis.

However, the Committee on Contests ruled that there was no violation.

The committee’s report is considered preliminary, and a hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, August 21st. It is then that the committee will make a recommendation to the party, deciding if the current establishment delegation is valid, or if they are to be stripped and the Paul group awarded seats in Tampa.

Davis feels that the facts are on their side. Many have seen videos from the Louisiana convention, and there is no denying the chaos that ensued.

Henry Hereford, the replacement chair that was assaulted by Shreveport police, spoke out after he was released from the hospital. Mr Hereford has a prosthetic hip, and was injured during the assault. You can watch that here:

Assaulted Ron Paul Chair Responds After Release from Hospital

“This is for America,” said Hereford. “This is what’s wrong with America right now. What happened to me shouldn’t have happened to anybody.”

In an interview with the Times Picayune in New Orleans, Davis was optimistic. “The   executive committee again submitted false information in an attempt to mislead their fellow Republicans,”  Davis said. “I’m not really surprised by the preliminary ruling and I’m looking forward to finally presenting our case in Tampa.”

“I know the wheels of justice move slowly,” he further explained. “I think eventually enough people will investigate what happened and that our delegates will be seated.”

The LA GOP maintains that they did not break the rules.

“We have a very conservative and enthusiastic delegation,” LA GOP chairman Roger Villere Jr. said. “The Louisiana delegation is composed of Republican leaders, supporters and activists who are committed to uniting the party and defeating Barack Obama in November.”

“Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual.)”

Ayn Rand

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    Keep up the fight….Keep up the fight….Keep up the fight….Keep up the fight….Keep up the fight….Keep up the fight….Keep up the fight….Keep up the fight….Keep up the fight….Keep up the fight….Keep up the fight…. 🙂

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