Challenge Accepted: Ron Paul’s Legal Team Challenging LA, OR, and MA…and Turnabout in Maine

“Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”

Ron Paul

The Romneybots are at it again…this time, taking delegate seats as well as challenging others. The lengths that they will go to in an attempt to get this man in office astounds me. Did the NeoCons become RINOs overnight? Or is someone getting paid to play?

In Louisiana, they have pretty much lost their collective mind. The LA GOP put up a press release on their website. You can view that here:


They claim that the delegates in support of Ron Paul would not compromise, and that they filed suit against the LA GOP. So, in turn, the GOP filled their seats with Romney supporters and certified their replacement with the Republican National Committee.  The press release also claims that Paul suspended his campaign, which is false. There is a large difference between “not actively campaigning” and “suspension”.  Apparently, the folks in the LA GOP need to consult a dictionary now and then.

“We have a very conservative and enthusiastic delegation,” said the LA Chairman, Roger Villiere, Jr. “The Louisiana delegation is composed of Republican leaders, supporters and activists who are committed to uniting the party and defeating Barack Obama in November.” The delegation of 46 will have one Paul supporter, Lucas Wallace, who is on the state central committee.

The Paul campaign is challenging the seating of these 46 delegates, and with good cause. The Louisiana state convention was divided, with two delegations being selected.  You can read about the chaos here:

LA GOP State Convention

The campaign says that the delegate list that was released by the LA GOP was chosen against the rules, and the Paul supporters were forced to hold a rump convention, in which the majority attended.

“We believe that they grossly and blatantly and repeatedly violated their party rules and elected a delegation that was improper,” said  Jesse Benton, chair for the Paul campaign. “We believe that our rump convention is the legitimate delegation and they have a right to be seated at the Republican National Convention.” The LA GOP claims to have kept constant contact with the Paul campaign after the convention, a claim that Benton says is false. “We were hardly contacted,” said Benton. “They have been extremely non-communicative. They gave us a cold shoulder.”

Here is a video that shows some of the violence inflicted upon Paul supporters at the LA GOP convention:

War Breaks Out at Convention

Some Louisiana Paul supporters were prevented from voting during the delegation selection process. The campaign intends to file an official challenge with the RNC, which will be heard by the Credentials Committee about a week before the convention. While a challenge is in place, no delegation will be officially seated, according to RNC rules…if the rules are followed.

Speaking of not following rules, the Maine delegation, made up largely of Paul supporters, is being challenged as well. Peter E. Cianchette, a Maine Republican who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2002, is challenging the entire delegation and alternate delegation, excluding the seat of  Maine governor, Paul LePage.

(Peter Cianchette, former head of Bush/Cheney campaign and failed gubernatorial candidate from Maine)

Cianchette claims that the delegates were not properly credentialed, making the vote illegal. He also claims that there was no quorum when delegates and alternates were selected. He alleges that the convention officials repeatedly broke rules and violated parliamentary procedure. Funny. Wasn’t it in Maine that a person on Romney’s payroll was caught passing out a fake slate? You can view that here:

Romney Campaign Passes Out Fake Slate in Maine

Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster said after the state convention that he expected challenges but that from his perspective, delegates at the state convention were appointed properly.

“Before I turned over the gavel we established a process. We had a checker in each county,” said Webster. “We had those folks involved in the tabulation. In my role as chairman of the party, I’m going to go to the Republican National Convention to make sure those votes are counted.”

Jan Dolcater, Republican chairman in Knox County, who is a member of the party’s credentialing committee, agreed.

If the Maine delegates are not seated at the National Convention, Maine will be losing its voice in the GOP, as they will be dwindled to only three seats: the governor, the National Committeeman, and the National Committeewoman. The challenge will first be heard by the party’s Contest Committee in about two weeks, but its finding can be challenged before the Credentials Committee, which will meet the weekend before the GOP convention, to be held Aug. 27-30 in Tampa.

The Paul campaign is also challenging the delegation in Massachusetts (though not the entire seating) as well as the alternates in Oregon. These actions have not been widely discussed, and have been happening silently for the last few months.

Doug Wead, adviser to the Paul campaign, had this to say about the Paul campaign legal team and their actions:

“Some are critical of our legal team. One ad hoc field organization of lawyers has said, “We are taking over the campaign.” But anyone who knows anything about law knows that we cannot be making headlines by announcing what we are doing.  What I can say is this, the campaign has quietly but effectively taken action in Massachusetts, Louisiana, Oregon and other states where there were clear violation of rules and our people were cheated or hurt.”

(Doug Wead, Presidential Historian and Paul campaign adviser)

He does mention that some criticism is warranted, as everyone makes mistakes. He pointed out that he feels that some critics were out for promotion, attention,  or to make money.

“The campaign has not taken action in places where, regardless of how we may have been treated, we were going to lose anyway. And there are reasons for this. We also are not taking action in states where we controlled the process. If we lost in those states it was our own fault.  The campaign has not wasted valuable financial or staff resources on meaningless lawsuits that have no basis in law and are destined to fail.”
(from Doug Wead: The Blog)

(courtesy of Gage Skidmore)

The legal team is taking the appropriate actions by challenging the delegate seating through RNC procedures. The question remains, however, of whether they will prevail before the Credentials Committee.

If we are able to win and retain and restore delegate seats in MA, MN, and LA, Paul will have the plurality for nomination from the convention floor, a fact that scares the hell out of the neocons and the Romney supporters. Will justice prevail? Have faith, friends.

“Let the Revolution begin.”

Ron Paul

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11 Responses to Challenge Accepted: Ron Paul’s Legal Team Challenging LA, OR, and MA…and Turnabout in Maine

  1. GoodNews says:

    An occasional prayer can’t hurt.

  2. Jeff says:

    It is only because of WatcvhTheVote2012 and Lawyers for Ron Paul pushing this effort resulting in a Federal Lawsuit against the GOP in all 50 States that has finally gotten the Ron Paul legal team off their arse at this late date to being doing SOMETHING.

    Those actions and evidence of fraud came directly from the efforts of those working with the lawsuit encouraging the Ron Paul campaign DO SOMETHING.

    We are happy they are, but don’t dare nay say those of us who have been begging the Campaign to act for 6 months.

    • Michelle Martin says:

      Get over yourselves. The official Campaign has been taking action behind the scenes the entire time and the ‘ad hoc field organization of lawyers’ federal suit was actually named as one of the reasons for the LA delegates being denied their seats. Wonder if it will now ALSO be used in Maine. Great Job!! You don’t get to know everything that is going on – none of us do, pretty arrogant to think that just because YOU don’t have the “skinny” that nothing is being done.

      The official campaign has not endorsed your groups or your lawsuit and Ron Paul advised against the suit plain as day. Doug Wead warned it could be used to unseat our delegates and seems BOTH were right. The groups you mention are not “encouraging” anything but division, false hope and propaganda. The groups you mention attack the campaign, attack most defending the campaign and attack Ron Paul supporters who present FACT or have the audacity to question anything being done by all mighty YOU – and worse, the attacks are ad hom with and the only counter argument ever presented is that the person presenting another view MUST be a Romney supporter or a troll.

      WE are Ron Paul – we TRUST Ron Paul and ANYTHING that seeks to divide us, is NOT for Liberty.

    • Am FYI, those were Doug Wead’s words, not mine. However, Michelle is correct in that the campaign has been doing this quietly for months.

      • Barb Denofa says:

        It appears that the ignorance is from Mr. Freedomvoicer, some education on the process of the RNC/GOP rules would certainly shed light on exactly HOW things must be addressed in the proper manner. Being ignorant of protocal and just jumping into the shallow waters of vast sea leads to much damage and harm, while a professional would know exactly where and when to jump..
        Anyone who is discrediting Dr. Paul’s choices certainly needs to be looked at carefully.

      • That comment has been removed. While I welcome discussion, there will be no name calling, and people need to use spell check. That was really hard on the eyes.

  3. KC Ted says:

    There is a very important secondary process happening through this election. It’s an educational process. Those involved in the liberty movement, Constitutional Republicans, are learning the “ins and outs” of how to change the party from within.

    Considering the loss of our most basic liberties, watching the Bill of Rights and Constitution being diluted and both sides of the aisle being complicit, change is required to remain a free nation. Or, maybe I should say a return to being a free nation. The Democrats need a similar movement within their party as well, if we are to save our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    We can’t stand on the outside of the current political process and agenda, screaming and yelling and throwing rocks. If we want to see real change, we have to seat liberty candidates in state positions and elected offices from the ground up. To do this, we have to become educated while making our way through the process. We need to carry our efforts forward all of the way to, and through, the Tampa convention. We have to challenge the establishment at every juncture and explore every nuance until the end.

    Ron Paul has enormous experience from his long years spent in Congress and is lighting the path. He has created an example. Win or lose, Dr Paul will still be a force after Tampa. Retiring from the House doesn’t mean he will simply disappear. We have made incredible progress from 2008 to 2012. 2016 will show our interim efforts in placing liberty minded people in GOP leadership positions and considering the dismal conditions we face as Americans, we will need them.

    On to Tampa,,, and beyond. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

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