Paul’s “Last Stand”, or More Smoke and Mirrors? All Eyes on Nebraska

“Ask yourself, ‘Are you better off now than you were four years ago? Is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was four years ago? Is there more or less unemployment in the country than they was four years ago? Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? “

Ronald Reagan

Ads, commercials, videos, news stories, polls, political calls; all assaulting us with the same question: “Will you vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?” It’s all too easy for the American people to be led to believe that these two men are the last ones standing: and it’s a lie. Ron Paul is still very much in this race, and this Saturday may be the climax that Paul supporters have been waiting for.

With Nebraska’s State Convention looming, rumors and questions are flying over the internet and the mainstream media.  Does Nebraska seal the five state plurality for Paul, or if they don’t secure delegates, is his campaign doomed to failure? We need to take a look at the situation and determine what is fact and what is conjecture.

According to the MSM, Mitt Romney has the nomination sewn up: most sources report that he has secured the amount of delegates necessary to be the Republican nominee. If that is the case, why bother holding a convention in Nebraska at all? Simply put, that isn’t true. Romney doesn’t have the nomination sewn up, and supporters are running scared. Those who are aware that reports from A.P. and CNN on delegate counts are merely projections know that they may have a problem on their hands.

(That’s Master Chief Paul, to you!)

Rachel Maddow of MSN reports that Ron Paul currently has a plurality in four states: Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, and Louisiana.  Nebraska is the last state to hold a convention, and Tea Partiers and Ron Paul supporters were able to secure delegate slots at local conventions last month. Not surprisingly, with all of the other shenanigans going on at the state level (think Massachusetts), Nebraska has become the battleground for securing a chance at nomination for Paul.

Maddow’s report: Ron Paul Can Be Nominated Based on Nebraska

Or has it? The attorneys for the Paul campaign (not to be confused with Lawyers for Ron Paul, which have absolutely no connection to the actual campaign), have issued a challenge to the Oregon Republican Party over actions taken to unseat duly elected alternate delegates:

In May/early June, Oklahoma Paul supporters, who are calling themselves the Oklahoma Conservative Values Delegates, officially submitted a challenge to the Oklahoma State GOP over the fiasco of a state convention that was held first in the hotel and then later in the parking lot. They have also set up a Chip In to help with legal expenses.  You can learn more about that action here:

Oklahoma Conservative Values Delegates Legal Defense Fund

These folks are not alone. In Massachusetts, delegates were forced to sign an affidavit to vote for Romney at the convention under penalty of perjury. Those who refused found their credentials yanked.

According to a recent article published on GQ’s website, the 17 Massachusetts delegates that were denied their duly elected spots were done so not by the state party, but by the decision of the Romney campaign:

“Governor Romney’s campaign, through its representative on the Allocation Committee, made the decision not to certify certain delegates and alternate delegates who were unwilling to sign and return on time the affidavit sent out by the Allocation Committee affirming that they would cast their vote for Governor Romney at the National Convention in Tampa,” the statement reads. It concludes with the committee’s agreement that the dispute over affidavits constituted “‘just cause’ for not being certified as national delegates.” GQ

I have to ask this question: When did the Romney campaign secure authority to make state party decisions for the GOP?  Is that even legal? According to Massachusetts Allocation Committee Chairman Ed McGrath, it is. McGrath made this statement,“Under the Massachusetts GOP Rules, Governor Romney’s campaign, through its representative on the Allocation Committee, has the right not to certify individuals for ‘just cause’ as national delegates or alternate delegates.” “Just cause”, in this case, appears to be not supporting Romney. Narcissistic much?

(His Majesty, King Mittens)

Lastly representatives from the Romney campaign have threatened to prevent Ed Cox, the New York state GOP chairman, from taking the stage at the national convention unless he installed the delegates that the Romney campaign had chosen.  This kind of blatant fraud and manipulation continues to be perpetrated by the Romney campaign all over the country, and the mainstream media continues to keep the average voter in the dark about any wrongdoing. It’s a wonder that we have a Republican National Convention at all, since the RNC and the media have decided who our nominee is without our consent.

Paul supporters are not ones to lie down and take it without a fight…however, their fight is more civil. Even though the Romney campaign tries to lead people to believe that Paul supporters “cause a ruckus”, eyewitness reports from conventions, YouTube videos, police reports, and live streams tell another story. Check out this video from the Louisiana GOP convention: after a Paul supporter was assaulted when he moved to remove the chair, (his fingers were broken), the newly elected chair was then assaulted and had to be carried out on a stretcher:

Nebraska had said that they were hiring extra security for this weekend’s event, claiming the potential for some “very rowdy guests.” Amusing, since it’s not the Paul supporters who have actually caused any of the problems at state conventions across the country…it has been initiated by Romney supporters about 95% of the time.  Now, it is being reported that they are NOT hiring the extra security…wow. Sounds like a Romneyism, Nebraska. Flip-flop, anyone?

Challenges aside, all eyes will be focused on Nebraska this weekend: Paul supporters watching for the culmination of their hard work, and Romney supporters hoping to avoid a nightmare on the floor in Tampa for their candidate.  The date for Saturday’s convention is not lost on Paul’s supporters, either: it’s Bastille Day. Viva la Revolucion!

“The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people. This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.”

John Adams

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9 Responses to Paul’s “Last Stand”, or More Smoke and Mirrors? All Eyes on Nebraska

  1. Steven says:

    Well, if it comes down to Nebraska, then I have hope. I love the people of Nebraska! I drive a truck for a living and get to go just about everywhere and meet people. Nebraska has, by far, the most old school, courteous and polite people left in the country.

  2. Disaffected Youth says:

    Actually, Ron Paul may not even need Nebraska (that’s just what all the media is trying to convince us) because he may have a plurality in my home state of Colorado. Santorum won 7 delegates, Romney 16, and Ron Paul 13, but Paul’s people also swept up the majority of alternates and might be replacing (or joining) Santorum’s delegates for Paul against Romney.

    Is Ron Paul going to win?

    Sadly no.

    But he represents the newest generation of conservative minded individuals who do indeed care about our liberties and the massive size of our government, and will fight government overreach until our final breaths.

    • Unfortunately, people have gotten themselves entangled in this lawsuit thing, and it’s possible that those delegates could lose their seats (confirmed by Doug Wead.) So…we may not have a plurality any longer.

  3. Keep the FAITH Disaffected Youth, RON PAUL is our PRESIDENT, He will be elected. Maybe not awarded president, but ELECTED president… and I smell an upset, the Moon and the Stars are “aligning”! There IS REAL HOPE! …but if he does or does not become president we MUST be vigilant to keep the Liberty movement strong and constantly striving to restore a Constitutional form of government. Peace & Loe, pass it on… BE POSITIVE! WE’RE WINNING!

  4. I generally try to put more photos in…it’s a free blog, so I can’t embed videos. I will be migrating to a paid host eventually, so things will probably look better then. Please bear with me! I’m still new at this! Thank you for the advice,’s always appreciated and welcome.

  5. Doreen Cairns says:

    Wonderful website. Plenty of useful info here. I’m sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks for your effort!

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