Iowans Know How to Get Things Done

“The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.
George Washington

I will give you some coverage tomorrow on the convention, but I am exhausted this evening. However, I want to let you know that we know how to “git ‘er done” in Iowa, and Ron Paul took at least 75% of our delegates, if not all. And, I made the news! So glad to be a part of the movement for liberty. I’ll check in with you folks, again, tomorrow, and much love. Check out the news clip from KWWL:

and the actual “speech” from ustream:


When Bob Anderson and his cronies failed to pass an amendment to replace our slate with their “unity slate”, they tried this kind of underhanded proposition of a rules change. Fortunately, we are on the ball here in Iowa, and we know how to do it with dignity. We have first in the nation for a reason, and it’s because we have educated voters who know to make the right decision. And Iowa’s decision is Ron Paul. At least 21 of 28 UNBOUND delegates, if not more. Last count that I heard put that closer to 25 of 28, the last three being superdelegates, and we all know where A.J. Striker throws his lot.

In other developments, Scheffler was voted in as National Committeeman again. Kim Pearson lost by a scant vote, but I still think that Kim should have been our National Committeewoman. Rumors abound that Steve Scheffler called for a vote for Tamara Scott. While I would rather see Pearson; if Scott can live up to her “liberty” speech, we may have hope yet. Pearson was the subject of a hit piece that demonstrated the ignorance of the neo-con establishment in Iowa, and she called them out on it:

Kim is a House Representative for our great state and she knows how to get her point across. I had the privilege of speaking with her at the convention when she thanked me for standing up for our principles. We are like-minded. The time of the Reagan neo-cons is done. While I believe that Reagan had the right ideas, we have moved from the Grand Old Party to the Party of Lining Pockets, and we need to make the changes NOW. My generation, the Gen X‘ers, inherit this mess, and I am not willing to wait to clean it up…my kids do not deserve the America that Obama, the Democrats, and the Neo-Conservative Republicans are leading us into. They deserve an America as envisioned by our founding fathers. One of liberty that is free from foreign entanglements. One of peace.

English: Official portrait of Iowa Representat...

English: Official portrait of Iowa Representative Kim Pearson (IA-42) for the 84th General Assembly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We will not give up this fight. Be prepared for freedom, folks, because that is what we are bringing to you. Can you handle it?

(convention bound)

“There is nothing wrong with describing Conservatism as protecting the Constitution, protecting all things that limit government. Government is the enemy of liberty. Government should be very restrained.
Ron Paul

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2 Responses to Iowans Know How to Get Things Done

  1. I have to wonder whether AJ Spiker will vote for Ron Paul, or being a leader of the Iowa GOP he’ll choose to represent the voters. it’ll be interesting to see what he actually does in the end.

    • Here’s the catch: what do you consider representing the voters? Paul came within 3% of Romney at the caucuses, which is essentially just a straw poll. However, the Paul supporters are the ones who stuck around to be elected as delegates. They organized, they put people in key positions, and all the while the supposed Romney folks were asleep at the wheel. They (Romney supporters) had every opportunity to become delegates and to make their vote count and their voices heard. They didn’t bother; nor did Romney give any attention to Iowa after the caucus. So…the real “voters” in Iowa that should be represented are the ones that made the effort to join the electoral process; the ones that worked hard to put people in committees and to work on the platform of the Iowa Republican party…and those voters are Ron Paul supporters.

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